Don't panic! Cryptocurrency transactions can occasionally encounter delays which are beyond our control. If you don’t see the amount credited to your Giftcard immediately, you should not worry. This is due to delayed processing times on Blockchain. Smaller transactions generally take longer, whilst larger transactions tend to take less time. To play it safe, we recommend topping up your Giftcard regularly, so that you always have available funds.

Purchases made on the site will appear as LLServices or as

When you bump one of your ads, it is pushed to the first position of the page in which it appears. You can only use Bumps for the specific ad you purchased it for, so they can't be transferred between your ads.

Page 1 allows you to have your ads automatically kept on the first page of the list in the region/city they appear in. For the duration of your Page 1 upgrade, it will automatically be bumped each time it drops off the first page, so that it returns to the very top of it. The process will then repeat itself until the upgrade expires. If your ad does not drop off the first page within 2h 20m, it will still be automatically bumped to the top again.

Auto Repost allows you to create a schedule for your ads to be bumped to the very top of the list in which it appears at specific times of the day. Once you have purchased an Auto Repost for one of your ads, it is possible to extend the number of days it will run for, but it is NOT possible to add or remove the number of times per day that the ad is bumped. Please also note that any changes you make to its schedule will only take effect the following day.

It is a small ad snippet that appears after ten regular ads on the page where you posted your ad. It is another way of helping advertisers like yourself stand out from the crowd! Please note that our Featured Ad upgrade does NOT also bump the ad when purchased. You should purchase a separate upgrade which allows you to bump your ads (such as Auto Repost, Page 1, or regular Bumps)

Simply log into your account, and visit the Ad Center. Here you will find a list of your ads, and you can then select the ad that you purchased the Featured Ad upgrade for. Then just click on ‘edit ad’ and you will see a tab that says 'Featured Ad'. Click on this, and you can edit your ad. When you have finished doing this, please make sure that you save your changes.

If you delete an ad, it is instantly removed, and all upgrades associated with it are lost.

It will copy the entire ad that you clicked 'copy' on and take you to the post ad page so you can use it to create a new ad. You will then be able to continue through the various steps and it will also be possible for you to edit any of the pre-filled sections.

Yes. You can only post 1 free ad per day. If you want to post more, please purchase one of the upgrades, or when you try to post your 2nd ad, follow the ‘get back in action’ steps.

No. Everyone has different needs, so we set up the site to allow users to post whenever they want. We do however ask you not to overdo it and to respect your fellow advertisers.

If you paid for any upgrade or posted an ad and want to manage or access it, just login to your account and go to your Ad Center page.

Please note that our Giftcard can only be used on our site when making payments. For example, it does not let you bump your ad directly, but it does let you buy ads and upgrades with the money that you put on it.
You can use your Giftcard after you log in by following these steps:
1. Log in. 2. Go to your Ad Center page 3. Click on 'Buy and Manage your upgrades' next to one of your ads 4. then you can buy any upgrade you like using your Giftcard balance.